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We welcome any enquiries regarding wholesale opportunities.

If you are a Builder or Tradesman, MUZT would love to be your reliable supplier.

MUZT sources products directly from leading manufacturers in China, so we can offer you great quality bathroomware with a competitive wholesale price. 

Local knowledge and networks are the key success factors of our product sourcing.

  • The Pearl River Delta region is renowned for producing the best quality bathroom ware within China. MUZT have a great relationship with local Government Officials who directly oversee the bathroom industry within the region. They introduce us to work with the best of the best local manufacturers whose products exported to North America, Europe and Australia. 
  • MUZT is also an Australian sales representative of the world's largest plastic toilet seat manufacturer. An over 30 years' friendship with their Executive Sales Manager guarantees a strong working relationship. They have over 25 years’ experience in producing toilet seat covers and has the capacity of producing 18 million toilet seats per year. They supply for the world's leading brands including leading bathroom brands in Australia. 

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Phone: (08) 7222 8748 

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