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Air Induction Rain Shower Heads – The Next Step in Shower Technology?

We’ve all had bad showers at some point. You step in to find the water lukewarm at best, and with all the pressure of a leaky sprinkler. And afterwards, you just don’t feel clean. Some of the best showers are the ones that have pressure to spare, offering that blissful massage-like showering sensation. Luckily, recent innovations in shower head technology means you can take this experience home with you.

MUZT High Pressure Water Efficient Air Induction Rain Shower Head - Chrome Solid Brass

The average Australian household uses about 900 litres of water each and every day – and showers account for roughly 22% of this amount. Clearly, something needs to be done to reduce the amount of water we consume in the household and the bathroom, and the way we shower is a good place to start.


So, What is Air Induction?

Air induction technology has been widely harnessed by the world’s leading bathroom brands in places like America, Germany and Japan.

Put simply, Air Induction rain shower heads inject air into the water flow, creating larger water droplets and a greater level of water pressure. As water flows out though the nozzles, a valve in the centre of the shower head pulls air in, which is then compressed by the vacuum created by the water flow. For the bathroom-goer this means a stronger flow, better water coverage, and ultimately lower water consumption. By forcing air directly into the water flow, these types of shower head use up less water but create more pressure – definitely a welcome feature for people who find themselves with limited water pressure at home. In fact, recent tests show that this can give as much as a 33% increase in water flow rate.

Is There Really a Need for Air Induction Rain Shower Heads? What are the Benefits?

MUZT High Pressure Shower Head 5-Star Review

Better Water Pressure for a Stronger Shower

Air induction rain shower head increases water pressure by up to a third.  One of MUZT customers describes his showering experience with MUZT air induction rain shower head "feels like I'm under a waterfall". With better shower pressure at lower water flows, you get a stronger, more refreshing washing experience. And as an added benefit, the air induction causes larger droplets of water (just like rain), meaning you get that lovely massage effect from your shower. This also means it uses less water to do it. In the past, a shower head’s quality came down to how much water it could push through at once, but with new innovations like this, you can now get a much more powerful water flow by using air – a free and readily available resource.

Save Water by Using Less

MUZT High Pressure Shower Head - Experience the MUZT Showering Sensations

Secondly, let’s talk about water consumption. On average, a 10-minute shower takes up about 200 litres of water – about as much as a full bathtub. These types of rain shower heads can inject over two litres of air for every 11 litres of water, helping to save water consumption by up to a third. This means you’ll see smaller water and electricity bills, and the ability to save up to 60 litres of water for each shower or up to 22,000 litres of water per person per year.


Affordable and Easy to Install

And finally, this is an affordable option. Far too many high-end shower heads mean a big investment, with adjustments needed to your pipes and a great deal of inconvenience. Instead, with an Air Induction Rain Shower Head you can simply screw it on to your existing shower attachment or connect it with a shower arm extension, and start using it straight away. So, you’re getting a premium shower experience, but at a much more reasonable price. On top of this, cleaning is a breeze – simply rub your finger over the nozzles every once in a while to keep them clear of any limescale or calcium build up.

Finding the Best Air Induction Rain Shower Head for You

Currently in Australia, air induction rain shower heads are mainly used by high-end hotels. MUZT is the only local brand to offer Air Induction Rain Shower Heads online to Australian households. It is also one of the most competitively priced you can find in the Australian retail market for this type of premium product. Their shower heads are made using chromed solid brass and 304 stainless steel, and carry a WELS 3-Star rating for water efficiency ( 7 litres per minute) and WaterMark Certification – a scheme required for Australian plumbing and drainage products. It features easy-clean nozzles, quick DIY installation, the ability to save up to one third of your water consumption, and offers 33% stronger water pressure. With its modern and simple design, it can instantly transform your bathroom experience without a hefty expense.

According to a MUZT customer - "the tingly sensation from the air droplets is kind of euphoric and a very nice feeling to have while showering." Ready to enjoy a more invigorating showering experience? Click HERE to learn more.



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