40% OFF High Pressure Rain Shower Heads | Dispatched from Adelaide - FREE SHIPPING Australia Wide

About MUZT

MUZT is an Australian business based in Adelaide, South Australia. We are passionate about introducing innovative and contemporary bathroom ware to all Australians who value quality of living.

We work directly with leading manufacturers to produce bathroom ware that best suits Australian lifestyle. All our products are carefully selected to provide the quality of a premium brand, while selling at a competitive price. 

MUZT High Pressure Water Efficient Rain Shower Head uses Air Induction technology that can increase water pressure up to a third and reduce water usage by up to 33%.

We are also partnering with the largest plastic toilet seat manufacturer in the world who has over 25 years’ experience in producing toilet seat covers and supply for the world's leading brands including leading bathroom brands in Australia. 

Enjoyment, Quality, and Value for Money are MUZT’s philosophy.

Picture below is the product showroom of our toilet seat manufacturer.

MUZT Toilet Seat Manufacturer's showroom