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Step by Step Guide to Toilet Training Your Toddler

Going to the toilet can be a big step for your child but as your child gets older they'll want to be able to use the toilet for themselves. Your child will feel proud that they can go themselves by the time they start nursery and you'll have one thing less to worry about. Using the toilet is a key step to independence and a key part of your child's development but this is something that your child will need support with from you along the way. All children are different when it comes to development and that goes for potty training as well.

Potty Training

If you start your child through the process early enough it takes away the stress of rushing to learn in time for school. Just in case it takes a little bit longer it's a good idea to talk to them and find out if they want to learn how to use the toilet. If you start too early your child may not be physically ready.

Suitable Age For Toilet Training Toddlers

Typically, it is recommended to start potty training around the age of two for most children unless they show interest at an earlier age then you can start earlier. This is because at this age they are capable of understanding the process, they are capable of learning the new skill, and they are a lot more rational than say a 15-month-old. Certainly, if your child is younger than two years and interested in potty training then go ahead and go with it. When kids are older than two it can be more difficult to train the child because they are more set in their ways and they have been peeing on the diaper for longer so it will take them a little bit longer to learn the new skill.


Tips for Getting Ready for Toilet Training

These tips apply to both boys and girls.

Get Equipped

There are two choices to toilet train a child; you can use a potty chair or an insert that can easily fit on the big toilet seat so that it is small enough for their bottom. In order to know what your toddler prefers best, you can try both of these options.

Toddler Toilet Training

Get Them Naked

If possible allow your child to spend some time in the backyard or in a place with easy to clean floors diaper-free. If you must dress them up, keep them in easy to pull off pants or skirts; this is to ensure there is no hindrance when they really need to go.

Get Reading

You can purchase some books and DVDs about potty training to share with your child. These materials are available for boys and girls.

Choice of Toilet Training Tools

The best time to start using a toilet training seat for your toddler is after they have been introduced to the concept of sitting on the potty to wee or poo. Some of the advantages of toilet training seats are as follows:

•    They are easy to clean since all the poo and wee ends up in the toilet.

•    It helps them to learn to sit on the toilet faster.

•    Fixed toilet training seats are stable and they are less likely to come loose.

How to Conduct Toilet Training

You can get your child used to the idea of using the toilet by setting a routine for them to start sitting on the toilet seat without actually using it just so they think of it as normal. It's a great idea to let them watch you in the bathroom so they can try to imitate you. You need to pay close attention to your child if you catch him or her squatting and turning red you can suggest that it's time to use the potty. Start to recognise your child’s signals so you can catch them before they go and get them to the toilet on time.

Toilet Training Blue

Toilet Training Setback and Accidents and How to Resolve Them

Toilet training your toddler is a learning process and accidents are bound to happen. The key to putting potty training back on track is by dealing with the cause of the accidents and setbacks. This can be caused by the lack of readiness of the child, parental pressure, or the inability to communicate their fear/anxiety properly. This can be resolved by not putting too much pressure on your child to quickly learn how to use the toilet, ask them if they want to. You should also acknowledge achievements and praise the child when they do well but also acknowledge accidents positively and reassure them it is okay.



MUZT 2 in 1 Family (Adult & Child) Toilet Seat

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