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How to install a toilet seat to a toilet pan with small holes?

When installing a top/blind fixing toilet seat, you will need to push the nylon expansion bolt all the way into the toilet pan hole.

Some toilet pan holes are smaller than the standard size hole although it is quite rare. As a result, the nylon expansion bolt cannot be pushed in.

If your hands can reach the bottom of the your toilet pan hole, there is a way to get around it by following the steps below:

  1. Instead of pushing the nylon expansion bolt into the hole, put the stainless-steel screw through the washer and hinge base then insert the screw into the toilet pan hole.
  2. Screw the nylon expansion bolt back onto the stainless-steel Screw from underneath the toilet pan hole. Firmly tighten the screw from the top then you can see the expansion bolt fully expanded when tightened. Please make sure you insert the expansion bolt the right direction as per pictures below.

By doing this way, you don’t need to push the expansion bolt into the toilet hole but achieve the same result.  

MUZT Deluxe Soft Close Quick Release toilet seat expansion bolt before & after pictures