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Choosing your perfect toilet seat replacement

Finding a suitable toilet seat replacement could be challenging if you are not sure what to look at. There are also different toilet seat functions available and you would want to know which function is best suit your needs.

MUZT is partnering with the largest plastic toilet seat manufacturer in the world. According to our toilet seat expert, there are four main things to look at for choosing your perfect toilet seat replacement:

1. Shape – it is important that the shape of the replacement seat is similar to the shape of your toilet bowl.

     The most common toilet bowl shapes in Australia are:


    • Oval / elongated Shaped 
      MUZT Deluxe Soft Close Quick Release Oval Shaped Toilet Set - DIAMOND
    • D Shaped / U Shaped 
      MUZT Deluxe Soft Close Quick Release D Shaped Toilet Seat - Coral








    2. Measurements - your toilet pan needs to be within 3 points of measurements of the replacement seat as the sample chart below: 

    MUZT Deluxe Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat
    A – the distance between two toilet pan holes
    MUZT Deluxe Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat
    B – the distance between the middle of two toilet pan holes and the front centre of the bowl
    MUZT Deluxe Soft Close Toilet Seat Point B Measurement
    C – the width of the toilet pan at its widest point
    MUZT Deluxe Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat

    Please Note:

    • MUZT Toilet seat comes with adjustable hinges – they can be adjusted from left to right, back and forth for Point A & Point B to fit different pan sizes.
    • Ideally the toilet seat fully covers the front end of your toilet pan to be more hygienic.





      3. Fixing type – there are two common types of fixings depending on the type of your toilet, please ensure you choose the right fixing.

        • Top/Blind fixing - screwing from the top. If your hands cannot reach the toilet hole/bolt from underneath then your toilet is a top/blind fixing type.
        • Bottom fixing – hand screwing from underneath the toilet hole. this is a traditional style of fixing. If your hands can reach your toilet hole/bolt from underneath then your toilet is a bottom fixing type.

        Please Note:




        4. Various functions to meet your needs

        Soft Close – with a tap of finger, both toilet seat and cover close slowly and quietly by themselves, so no more banging and pinched figures. This function is not only good for safety but also for enjoyment.

        Quick Release – the toilet seat can be pulled out for cleaning and put back into place easily by pressing the quick release buttons. This is a convenient way to improve hygiene with regular cleaning. 



        2-In-1 Child & Adult Seats – the 2-in-1 child and adult seat is made to accommodate both small and big bottoms all in one. It is not only a great tool for toilet training but also value for money - after the toddler completed toilet training, the sturdy MUZT Family Toilet Seat still can be used by adults & young kids for many years to come.

        Heavy Duty Seat – normal toilet seat weight capacity is around 150kg. If you or your family member’s weight is more than that, then you should be getting a heavy duty toilet seat.

        MUZT Multifunction Soft Close 2-In-1 Family Toilet SeatOnce you get the above things right, you can confidently choose the right replacement seat for your toilet. Either be buying it online or at a store.All MUZT toilet seats come with a detailed installation manual, you can install the toilet seat yourself by following the instruction and save the money from paying a Plumber.


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